Introducing New Vocabulary




"Helping a Friend"
Vocabulary: race, win

Lexile: 30

"A Community of People"
Vocabulary: firefighter, group, teacher

Lexile: 130

"Kai's Life in Hawaii"
Vocabulary: beach, island, wave

Lexile: 240

"Walt's Class Watches the Weather"
Vocabulary: chart, rainy, weather

Lexile: 520

"How Trees Help"
Vocabulary: air, clean, gas 

Lexile: 410


1st Grade

"All About Koalas"
Vocabulary: leaves, zoo, smell

Lexile: 390

"How to Draw a Map"
Vocabulary: map, mark, show

Lexile: 470

"One-Room Schoolhouses"
Vocabulary: schoolhouse, stove

Lexile: 380

"My Three Sisters"
Vocabulary: older, youngest

Lexile: 160

"Our House Rules"
Vocabulary: knock, rules, share

Lexile: 180


2nd Grade

"Chirping Chirp"
Vocabulary: investigate, marked

Lexile: 510

"The Wishing Tree"
Vocabulary: brave, wish, grant 

Lexile: 270

"The Perfect Sandcastle"
Vocabulary: cube, notice, architect

Lexile: 520

"Macy the Elephant"
Vocabulary: jungle, temperature, trunk

Lexile: 810​​​​​

"An Adventure in Africa"
Vocabulary: guide

Lexile: 640


3rd Grade

"A School Trip to the Aquarium"
Vocabulary: aquarium, protect, survive

Lexile: 720

"Apple the Cat Calls a Meeting to Order"
Vocabulary: debate, mission, order

Lexile: 710

"Fixing My Sister's Bike"
Vocabulary: conduct, experiment, solution

Lexile: 490

"Bread Baking Now and Then"
Vocabulary: form, production, vary

Lexile: 870

"Li Bing and the Flooding"
Vocabulary: investigate, opportunity, overflow

Lexile: 780


4th Grade

"Field Trip"
Vocabulary: observe, orbit, pattern

Lexile: 970

"How Dorothea Lange and John Steinbeck Captured California"
Vocabulary: condition, depression, migrant

Lexile: 1050

"Pythons Invade the Florida Everglades"
Vocabulary: conservation, invasion, native

Lexile: 940

"The U.S.S. Thompson"
Vocabulary: aircraft, attention

Lexile: 870


5th Grade

"Cicadas: No Ordinary Bugs"
Vocabulary: cycle, emerge, generation

Lexile: 880

"Talking Leaves"
Vocabulary: communicate, symbol, system

Lexile: 760

"Bring in the Beavers!"
Vocabulary: dam, landscape, structure

Lexile: 950

"Some Laws are Intolerable"
Vocabulary: intolerable, patriot, rebellion

Lexile: 1070

"Adventure on a Hot Air Balloon"
Vocabulary: altitude, principle 

Lexile: 950


6th Grade

"The Penny Experiment"
Vocabulary: compound, reaction

Lexile: 800

"Alexander Graham Bell"
Vocabulary: communication, patent, transmitter

Lexile: 1070

"A Bad Robot"
Vocabulary: demonstration, programming 

Lexile: 890

"All the Pieces Matter"
Vocabulary: depend, survive 

Lexile: 940

"Valley Nuts"
Vocabulary: agriculture, aqueduct, irrigate

Lexile: 1050


7th Grade

"Mapping the West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark"
Vocabulary: claim, exploration, territory 

Lexile: 1090

"Naturally Selected to Survive"
Vocabulary: adapt, camouflage

Lexile: 1090

Vocabulary: capitalize, confrontation 

Lexile: 1070

"The National Guard"
Vocabulary: militia, respond, restore

Lexile: 1120

"NJ Physics Professor Has the 'Right Stuff'"
Vocabulary: conduct, endurance, simulation

Lexile: 1120


8th Grade

"When the Empire State Building Was New"
Vocabulary: inspiration, lavish

Lexile: 1150

"I Don't Like Ron Gonzales"
Vocabulary: control, malfunction, operator

Lexile: 860

"The Astronaut Wives Club"
Vocabulary: capsule, domestic

Lexile: 1110

"Are the Everglades Forever?"
Vocabulary: biodiversity, invasive, native

Lexile: 1180

"The Great Barrier Reef"
Vocabulary: beneficial, diverse, species

Lexile: 1090


9th-10th Grade

"Halau Hula"
Vocabulary: preserve, purify, ritual

Lexile: 1120

"Jake and Alice"
Vocabulary: inherit, trait, variation

Lexile: 1150

"The Sounds of Baseball"
Vocabulary: molecule, transmit, vibrate

Lexile: 1150

"How to Make a Better Robot"
Vocabulary: brainstorm, convince, formation, incorporate

Lexile: 1140

"Grace's Painful Pattern Repeated; See It?"
Vocabulary: grace, pattern, repeat

Lexile: 1160


11th-12th Grade

"Cliff Dwellers"
Vocabulary: civilization, dwelling, structure

Lexile: 1220

"California and Mesopotamia—Similarities and Differences"
Vocabulary: advantage, agriculture, economic

Lexile: 1340

"Changes in Biodiversity"
Vocabulary: biodiversity, ecosystem

Lexile: 1410