Black History Month 2013

K-2nd Grade Passages and Questions

"American Heroes"
Explains the importance of Black History month and highlights the achievements of famous African-Americans

Lexile Level: 650

"An American Leader"
Provides an overview of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and civil rights work

Lexile Level: 810

"Great Americans"
Focuses on the accomplishments of Oprah Winfrey, Robert L. Curbeam Jr., Nikki Giovanni, Savion Glover, and Rosa Parks

Lexile Level: 560

"A Great Leader"
Describes Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and the memorial that was built to honor him

Lexile Level: 900

3rd-6th Grade Passages and Questions

"Adam Clayton Powell, Jr."
Describes the life of an African-American Congressman who helped pass laws that promoted equality

Lexile Level: 540

"Debate: Better Late than Never"
Presents two sides of the debate regarding state apologies for their historical role in slavery

Lexile Level: 950

"Duke Ellington"
Provides information about a man who is considered to be the greatest composer in jazz history

Lexile Level: 510

"Emancipation Proclamation"
Details the historical significance of the Emancipation Proclamation

Lexile Level: 820

"Frederick Douglass"
Details the life of this famous abolitionist who became an unofficial advisor to Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War

Lexile Level: 560

"Front of the Bus"
Student interviews her grandfather, Roland Crevecoeur about his experience when he refused to sit in the back of the bus in segregated Nashville, TN

Lexile Level: 770

"George Washington Carver"
Describes the achievements of a man who was born a slave yet went on to become a leading expert in the field of agriculture

Lexile Level: 600

"Going to Bat"
Explains how Jackie Robinson helped end segregation in sports and how his legacy is continued through the Breaking Barriers: In School, In Life program

Lexile Level: 610

"Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad"
Provides information about the most well known leader of the Underground Railroad

Lexile Level: 660

"Jackie Robinson"
Details the achievements of the first African American player to play in Major League Baseball

Lexile Level: 630

"Malcolm X"
Provides information about one of the most notable figures in the civil rights movement

Lexile Level: 630

"Marian Anderson"
Outlines the life and challenges of racism faced by this famous African American singer

Lexile Level: 610

"Martin Luther King, Jr."
Highlights the influential role this leader had in the civil rights movement

Lexile Level: 680

"Maya Angelou"
Describes the life of this famous writer, poet, and educator

Lexile Level: 590

"Muhammad Ali: The Greatest"
Discusses the courage and athletic prowess of a man considered to be the greatest boxer of all time

Lexile Level: 600

"A Museum of their Own"
Provides information about a new expansion project of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum as well as information about the first Negro League and notable African-American ball players

Lexile Level: 1010

"Oprah Winfrey"
Details how a young girl from Mississippi became one of the most influential African Americans in American history

Lexile Level: 640

"Slavery in the North"
Dispels the misconception that slavery was only present in the South as historians are beginning to bring slavery in the North in the spotlight

Lexile Level:1000

"Slavery in the Territories"
Describes the division of America over the issue of slavery before the Civil War

Lexile Level: 730

"Sojourner Truth"
Provides information about the influence of the powerful words of this famous African American abolitionist

Lexile Level: 630

"The Struggle for Equality"
Describes the struggle for equal and fair treatment under the law that followed the Civil War and how five African-Americans fought for equality

Lexile Level: 830

"Thurgood Marshall"
Describes the life of the first African American Supreme Court justice

Lexile Level: 670

"Walking Tall"
Details the experience of Ruby Bridges, one of the first African Americans to attend an all-white elementary school in the South

Lexile Level: 770