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About the Question Sets

The following explanation is for the majority of the "Multi Skill/Strategy" question sets provided with the passages.

In addition, see the structure in which all of our new question sets are created in the annotated question set. Learn the details of how several questions are doing a lot more work to help students comprehend than they may seem and how the sequence of questions works to provide scaffolding for students as they are asked to make meaningful inferences through open, written response.

Question sets are research-based and help students improve their comprehension of complex texts. Each new question set:

  • Models questioning. These are questions that good readers should be asking and answering themselves while they read. Note that the questions focus on the important information of the text, modeling for students to identify and focus on that important information, not on the less important details.
  • Supports students to identify explicit information in the text to enable them to make more complex inferences and conclusions based on that evidence in the text.
  • Explicitly supports understanding of non-fiction and literary text structures. The research is clear. One of the key reasons students struggle with comprehension is that they can’t recognize and understand the way paragraphs and texts are structured.
  • Models how to make inferences and draw conclusions based on evidence in the text.
  • Provides scaffolding to enhance the ability of students to understand the main idea or theme of a text.
  • Highlights the use of context to understand vocabulary words and the author’s use of language to communicate meaning to the reader.
  • Explicitly supports recognition of key signal words at the syntax/sentence-level that can impact the meaning of a sentence, paragraph, and the text as a whole.
  • Provides thoughtful opportunities to write open response answers, based on close reading of evidence in the text.
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Annotated Question Set