K - 12th Grade Informational Articles


"Parts of a Tree"
Lexile: 210

"Watch the Tennis Ball"
Lexile: 270

"The Pilgrim's Path"
Lexile: 190

"Edison Tried and Tried Again"
Lexile: 250

"What Did People Wear?"
Lexile: 270

1st Grade

"Native American Powwows"
Lexile: 660

"Seven Large Lands"
Lexile: 660

Lexile: 210

"A Man Who Liked Apples"
Lexile: 440

"What is the Solar System?"
Lexile: 320


2nd Grade

Lexile: 770

Lexile: 850

"Atka and the Wolves of South Salem"
Lexile: 630


3rd Grade

"Oral Histories"
Lexile: 900

"A Bit About Buttons"
Lexile: 860

"Moosewood Restaurant"
Lexile: 850

"The Campanile"
Lexile: 910

4th Grade

"A Funny Old Ballpark"
Lexile: 870

"Bats Galore"
Lexile: 1190

"Portrait of an Animal Rescue Expert"
Lexile: 800

"The Precious Metals"
Lexile: 900

"Shasta Dam"
Lexile: 1000


5th Grade

"A New Letter for the Alphabet"
Lexile: 1040

"The Canadian Beaver"
Lexile: 1110

"Standing on the Roof of Africa"
Lexile: 1040

Lexile: 960

"They Call Them Apaches"
Lexile: 890


6th Grade

"Space Junk"
Lexile: 1100

"Never Too Late"
Lexile: 1020

"Quebec's Sugar Season"
Lexile: 1210

"The Allure of Gold"
Lexile: 1010

"Rhubarb Grows in the Dark"
Lexile: 1020


7th Grade

"A Club for Explorers"
Lexile: 1100

"Portrait of a Journalist"
Lexile: 830

"The National Guard"
Lexile: 1120

"Karate Teacher Rocks"
Lexile: 1200

"Snakes, Saints & Pirates"
Lexile: 1220


8th Grade

"Designing the First Flying Machine"
Lexile: 1240

"Could the Futuristic Traveling Tube Become a Reality?"
Lexile: 1260

"Traveling to Thailand"
Lexile: 1270

"San Francisco, the City by the Bay"
Lexile: 1300

"Becoming a Doctor"
Lexile: 1270

9th Grade - 12th Grade

"A New Neighborhood Farmers Market"
Lexile: 1200

"Centuries of Peace"
Lexile: 1380

"How to Make a Better Robot"
Lexile: 1140

"The Battle of the Bagel"
Lexile: 1120

"Forecasting Severe Weather to Communities Helps Them Prepare"
Lexile: 1220