K-12th Grade Science Articles



Lexile: 370

"The Four Seasons"
Lexile: 300

"Cloudy and Sunny"
Lexile: 110

"How Plants Get Food and Water"
Lexile: 440

Lexile: 380


1st Grade

"No Problem"

"Learning About Your World"
Lexile: 290

"Meet a Rattlesnake" 
Lexile: 430

"Groundhogs are Diggers"
Lexile: 370

"How Do Apples Get to You?"
Lexile: 450


2nd Grade

"Sarah the Seagull"
Lexile: 710

"Mr. Whiskers' Whiskers"
Lexile: 490

"Atka and the Wolves of South Salem"
Lexile: 630

"How Rocks Are Like Dessert"
Lexile: 610

"Macy the Elephant"
Lexile: 810


3rd Grade

"Miss Johnson's Plant Experiment"
Lexile: 700

Lexile: 770

"Saving the World From Smallpox"
Lexile: 820


4th Grade

“Pythons Invade the Florida Everglades”
Lexile: 940

"A Plant Puzzle"
Lexile: 970

"Sensing the World Around Us"
Lexile: 970

"Penguins: Up Close and Personal"
Lexile: 1070


5th Grade

"Honey to the Bee"
Lexile: 990

"The Ecosystem of the Forest"
Lexile: 1000

"Energetic Emily"
Lexile: 540

"Tornado Scientists"
Lexile: 940

"The Chicken and the Egg"
Lexile: 930


6th Grade

"Water from the Air: Cloud Forests"
Lexile: 1060

"The Origins of the Internet"
Lexile: 1050

"Inheritance of Traits"
Lexile: 1110

"It Would Be Hard to Smile at a Smilodon"
Lexile: 1150

7th Grade

"Worldwide Loss of Bees a Growing Concern"
Lexile: 1350

"Water: A Give and Take"
Lexile: 1050

"The Eco Pyramid"
Lexile: 1080

"Naturally Selected to Survive"
Lexile: 1090

"Genetic Basis of Butterflies"
Lexile: 1200

8th Grade

"The Woolly Mammoth"
Lexile: 1070

"The Amazon Rainforest"
Lexile: 1240

"Seeing the Invisible: Mutualism and Plant Reproduction"
Lexile: 1175

"Mount Pinatubo and the Ring of Fire"
Lexile: 1210

9th - 10th Grade

"Through the Nose"
Lexile: 1180

"How to Make a Better Robot"
Lexile: 1140

"Digitized Signals are the Future of the Black Box"
Lexile: 1130


11th - 12th Grade

"Humanity on Record"
Lexile: 1265

"Water on the Earth"
Lexile: 1300

"The Meteor"
Lexile: 1230

"Changes in Biodiversity"
Lexile: 1410