K-8th Grade Literary Passages

K-12th ReadWorks Literary Passages


"Ant and Grasshopper"
Lexile: 300

"When Grandma Was a Girl"
Lexile: 190

"Jack's Lost Kite"
Lexile: BR

"Harry Hits a Homer"
Lexile: 270

"The Treasure Map"
Lexile: 310


1st Grade

"I Am a Robin"
Lexile: 340

"Troy's Treat"
Lexile: 330

"A Day at the Pumpkin Farm"
Lexile: 460

"Callie Learns to Listen"
Lexile: 380

"Puppies, Puppies, Puppies"
Lexile: 230


2nd Grade

"My Favorite Alley Cat"
Lexile: 540

"A Lion in the Bedroom"
Lexile: 570

"The Harmonica"
Lexile: 460

"Moka the Little Golden Dog"
Lexile: 700

"Clara and Phillip the Turtle"
Lexile: 760

3rd Grade

"Amra and the Skateboard"
Lexile: 820

"Reggie the Reader"
Lexile: 850

"Forgetting the Words"
Lexile: 780

"Trouble at Reading Railroad"
Lexile: 600

"How to Have an Adventure"
Lexile: 780


4th Grade

Lexile: 790

"The Magic Glasses"
Lexile: 750

"Shawn the Speedy Snail"
Lexile: 960

"Jam Sessions"
Lexile: 730

"Davy is Absent"
Lexile: 630


5th Grade

"The Brightest Sky"
Lexile: 970

"Building a Bridge"
Lexile: 960

"Partial Eclipse"
Lexile: 910

"The Phonograph"
Lexile: 980

"A Kid in a Candy Store"
Lexile: 660

6th Grade

"Flying Blind"
Lexile: 940

"Homo Sapiens"
Lexile: 880

"An Urgent Message"
Lexile: 1170

"The Wonders of Flight"
Lexile: 920

7th Grade

"Nighttime in Texas"
Lexile: 800

"Finding Salinger"
Lexile: 1080

"Taken by Surprise"
Lexile: 970

"Sandwich Money"
Lexile: 1010

"Brown Onions"
Lexile: 790

8th Grade

"I Don't Like Ron Gonzales"
Lexile: 860

"See If I Care"
Lexile: 950

"Time for Jazz"
Lexile: 800

"Back Roads"
Lexile: 800