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Bat Loves the Night 1st Grade Unit

Bat Loves the Night


Read-Aloud Lesson Bat Loves the Night Identify Bat’s physical characteristics and behavior to build students' knowledge of bats in nature.
Paired Text Questions "Bat News" & Bat Loves the Night Integrate information from the non-fiction reading passage “Bat News” and the book Bat Loves the Night to recognize that bats are more helpful than harmful to humans and identify reasons why.

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my students love this

Your site is a blessing to teachers. Thank you!

This is my children's (class kids) favorite story. It helps them understand the meanings of stories I read to them. Congrats!:)

Many thanks for having saved my time and effort, plus, helping me achieve my teaching objective.

I work with low level readers in high school and in middle school. This is high interest and informational. Thanks for the variety of topics.