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Paired Text Questions: "Bat News" & Bat Loves the Night

Lesson Plan

Bat Loves the Night | 560L

Bat Loves the Night
Learning Goal
Integrate information from the non-fiction reading passage “Bat News” and the book Bat Loves the Night to recognize that bats are more helpful than harmful to humans and identify reasons why.
Approximately 15 minutes
Necessary Materials

1. Questions
2. Non-fiction reading passage “Bat News”

Not Provided:
Bat Loves the Night

  • Questions 1 and 2 refer to the passage “Bat News.” Questions 3 and 4 refer to the book Bat Loves the Night. Questions 5, 6, and 7 refer to both the passage and the book.
  • Student versions of the questions are in the 'Texts & Materials' tab.
Part 1: "Bat News"
Read the passage “Bat News” out loud to your students. Alternatively, students can read the passage independently or as a group.
Question 1: What does Joseph D’Angeli teach people about some bats?
Sample student answer: Joseph D’Angeli teaches people that some bats are shy, loving, and even helpful.
Question 2: Look at the list of Bat Facts in the passage. What are two ways bats can be helpful?
Sample student answer: Bats can be helpful by eating insects and dropping plant seeds.
Part 2: Bat Loves the Night
Question 3: What does Bat catch and eat?
Sample student answer: Bat catches and eats a moth.
Question 4: What are some of the things Bat does with her baby?
Sample student answer:
  • Bat calls to her baby.
  • Bat’s baby climbs onto Bat and holds tight.
  • Bat wraps her wings around her baby.
  • Bat’s baby sucks milk from Bat.
Part 3: "Bat News" and Bat Loves the Night
Question 5: "Bat News" says that some bats are helpful and loving. In Bat Loves the Night, is Bat helpful? Why or why not? Support your answer with one or more details from the book.
Sample student answer (may vary): Bat is helpful because she eats an insect
Question 6: Is Bat loving?
Sample student answer (may vary): Bat is loving because she takes care of her baby.
Question 7: According to "Bat News," many people are afraid of bats. Based on the passage and the book, do people have good reason to be afraid of bats? Explain why or why not.
Sample student answer (may vary): People do not have good reason for being afraid of bats. "Bat News" says that some bats are loving and helpful. It does not say anything about them hurting people. In Bat Loves the Night, Bat is helpful and loving, and she does not hurt people.

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