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Cause and Effect 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Effects Identify effects when given a cause in fiction.
Lesson 2 Causes Identify causes when given an effect in fiction.
Lesson 3 Cause and Effect Relationships Identify explicit causes and effects in fiction.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Discuss how one cause can lead to several effects or several causes can result in one effect in a read aloud book of your choice. Record causes and effects in the Chain of Events Graphic Organizer. (See Additional Activities Chart A in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • If Predicting has been introduced, students can make predictions about effects in read alouds. As a class, make a list of causes and possible effects and check them as you read. Any of the books by Laura Joffe Numeroff are suitable for this activity. (See the Additional Book List for suggested titles.)
  • Students can write and illustrate causes or effects of everyday life (the glass is too close to the edge of the table; you call your friend a name; you give your mom flowers). Have students use a Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer when writing. (See Additional Activities Chart B in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Students can write an answer to cause-and-effect prompts such as, “I ate too much candy so______,” or “I tripped in the classroom because________.”
  • As a class, rewrite a story on chart paper with a different cause and effect. For instance, rewrite If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, changing the first effect. Reread the story chorally, and discuss the new causes and effects.

More Books for Teaching Cause and Effect

The Three Little Pigs
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Rosie's Walk
The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Tummy Trouble
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
The Snowy Day

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