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Character 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Actions Identify and describe the actions of a character.
Lesson 2 Feelings Identify and describe the feelings of a character based on the events in the story.
Lesson 3 Looks, Actions, and Feelings Identify and describe a character’s physical appearance, actions, and feelings.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Use picture clues and the text to make a list of a character’s actions in additional books. As students become more proficient at this, they should rely less on the picture clues.
  • Compare the actions, feelings and appearance of David in multiple books of the series (e.g. David Oops! or Oh, David!).
  • Students can create a “Character Feelings” poster in which they list four feelings that the character experiences in a read aloud book. They can then write a sentence and draw a picture showing the character experiencing the feeling. (See Additional Activity A Chart in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • After reading a story aloud, have students complete the “Character Map” Graphic Organizer. (See Additional Activity B Chart in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Continue to use the text and picture clues to determine a character’s feelings. It will be important to point out how a character’s feelings affect a character’s actions (he was feeling sad so he wanted to sit by himself).
  • Have students create stories with clear characters (with actions, looks, and feelings).  It may be helpful to have them illustrate their characters as well.
  • Have students compare one of their favorite character’s feelings, actions, and looks to themselves. Students can write sentences, create a chart, or use a Venn diagram to compare the character to them.
  • Students can write a letter to their character giving him/her advice about their actions or feelings. You may want to read aloud Arthur Writes a Letter by Marc Brown and have students write a letter to Arthur.

More Books for Teaching Character

The Snowy Day
My Father the Dog
Harry by the Sea
Ira Sleeps Over
Curious George
The Story of Babar

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