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Classify and Categorize 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Sorting into Two Groups Classify and categorize items into two categories.Explain how items were classified and categorized.
Lesson 3 Sorting Based on Character Traits Categorize characters based on their character traits.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students sort characters from Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes according to other character traits, such as child and grown-up. Students can sort characters from additional read-aloud books according to characteristics such as short and tall, or animals and people.
  • Students can draw pictures or write a list of objects they see in the room that fit into two categories: art supplies or books. (See Additional Activity A in Teacher and Student Materials below) They can also sort objects in the room into three categories: writing, math, or science materials. (See Additional Activity B in Teacher and Student Materials below)
  • Write frequently-used words from read alouds or reading groups on paper. Cut the words out and provide a set for each student. Then have students sort the words into different categories such as rhyming words, theme words (animals or colors), short vowels, long vowels, beginning sounds or ending sounds.
  • If the Genre Unit has already been taught, have students sort books into two categories: fiction and nonfiction.
  • Students can write a story with at least three characters. Then, students can sort the characters into friendly and unfriendly categories— or the categories of the teacher’s choice.

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