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Fact and Opinion 1st Grade Unit


Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students identify facts and opinions during read alouds, shared reading, and guided reading by using the pictures and text.
  • Have students share their opinions about the stories they read in reading groups.
  • Have students discuss their opinions about their best part of a story or which characters they prefer. Ask them to use evidence or facts from the text to support their opinions.
  • Copy pages from a book that was read aloud and have students circle the opinion signal words they find. They can also underline sentences that are facts.
  • Write facts and opinions on an index card. Write a fact on one side of the card and an opinion on the other side. Have students identify which statement is a fact and which statement is an opinion and explain how they know this.
  • Students can complete a “Facts about . . .” worksheet for any book they read. (See Additional Activity A in Teacher and Student Materials).
  • In Shared Writing, rewrite some stories to include facts and opinions or rephrase a sentence to include the sentence starters “I think…,” “I feel…,” “I like…” or “I learned…”
  • Make a class fact and opinion book. Give each student a page for the book and have them write facts on one side and opinions on the other side of the page. Illustrate each page.
  • Have students use one opinion and one fact each in a writing exercise.
  • Have students circle opinion signal words in their own writing. Then have them keep an ongoing list of opinion words that they find while reading.
  • Identify facts during social studies, history, and science. Have students form opinions about what they are learning.
  • Students can create a fact paper chain for any social studies, history, or science unit of study. (See Additional Activity B in Teacher and Student Materials.)

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