Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Informational Texts 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Headings Explain that informational texts include headings that give the topic of a section or chapter.Use a heading to make predictions about what a page or section is going to teach you.
Lesson 2 Table of Contents and Index Explain that informational texts often include a table of contents or index to find information about a topic.Use a table of contents or index to find information about a topic.
Lesson 3 Labeled Diagrams Explain that informational texts have diagrams that provide information.Identify facts learned from a labeled diagram.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Using other informational books, students should be expected to identify headings and what they will learn about in that section, use the table of contents or index to identify information they want to learn about, and discuss the detailed information they learned from a labeled diagram.
  • Create an informational page based on a book you are reading (or photocopy pages) and have students brainstorm headings for the page.
  • Repeat the Independent Practice activities in centers based on other informational books.
  • Create a question/answer sheet for the table of contents or index of a book. Ask students to identify page numbers of where to locate specific information from a book.
  • Create a class big book where each student completes an informational page about her/himself with an appropriate heading.
  • Provide students with headings about your school or class (P.E., music, reading groups, recess, etc.) and have them write informational pages to match each heading.
  • Read informational books based on your current social studies or science unit. Identify headings and textual features taught in this unit in those texts.