Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Myths 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Nature Explain that myths include aspects of nature.Identify aspects of nature in a myth.
Lesson 2 Explanatory Explain that myths are fictional stories that explain something.Identify what a myth is explaining.
Lesson 3 Gods and Goddesses Identify gods and goddesses in a myth.Explain that myths often have ancient gods and goddesses as characters.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • If Setting has been introduced, students can illustrate the setting at the beginning of The Golden Flower and the setting at the end of the myth. Students should discuss how that setting changed throughout the story.
  • Compare and contrast the Roman and Greek versions of the same myth, or compare and contrast the gods in Roman and Greek mythology.
  • Have students participate in Reader’s Theater with a familiar myth. Explain to students that the people of ancient Greece put on many plays.
  • Using other myths, students should be expected to identify and describe the aspect of nature the myth is trying to explain.
  • Students can write their own myth to explain an aspect of nature (thunder, why it rains, mosquitoes, etc.).