Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Poetry 1st Grade Unit


Lesson 1 The Structure of Poems Explain that poems look different than other kinds of text.Describe the way a poem looks.
Lesson 2 Rhyme Explain that poems have rhyme.Identify the rhyme of a poem.
Lesson 3 Rhythm Explain that poems have rhythm.Identify the rhythm of a poem.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Repeat this unit with other text features found in poetry: bold words, larger or smaller print, italicized words, dashes, ellipses, etc.
  • Students can illustrate the images of a favorite poem.
  • Students can practice identifying rhyming words in other poems.
  • Students can create hand or body motions corresponding with the rhythm of a poem.
  • Students can discuss why a poet would choose to write a poem with a special form or shape.
  • Study several poems from one poet and discuss any similarities or patterns that you notice.
  • Students can write about how a poem would be different if it was written like a story (without any text features).
  • Students can write their own poems or a new version of a poem, including some text features.