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Ming Lo Moves the Mountain 1st Grade Unit

Ming Lo Moves the Mountain


Read-Aloud Lesson Ming Lo Moves the Mountain Describe the main character’s problem and his attempts to solve it in order to discuss the themes of wisdom and happiness.
Paired Text Questions "Our New Old House" and Ming Lo Moves the Mountain Integrate information from the fiction reading passage "Our New Old House" and the fiction text Ming Lo Moves the Mountain to compare and contrast the responses of characters to their surroundings.

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You have done it again! You help us stretch our children in their reading, and it guides me as well to ask deeper questions in my read alouds and also guided reading.

I do have a concern each time I use your resource. My concern is that it will go away at some point. Please keep the good stuff coming!

Thanks for supporting us in our journey!

These units are great for my kindergarten student who is reading on a level L!

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