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Author's Purpose 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 To Entertain Identify text evidence that shows the author’s purpose is to entertain.
Lesson 2 To Inform Identify text evidence that shows the author’s purpose is to inform.

Unit Extension Ideas


  • Have students sort books in the classroom library, and classify and categorize them based on the author’s purpose: to entertain, to inform, or to persuade.
  • As students read a book independently or in reading groups, have them identify the author’s purpose and explain how they know what the purpose is. (See Additional Activity Worksheet A below in Teacher and Student Materials.)
  • As students read, have them chart examples of each type of purpose by listing the titles of the books or articles they have read. (See Additional Activity Worksheet B.)
  • Have students write three pieces on one topic of their choice (e.g. frogs). For example:
    • a funny story about a frog who is afraid of flies (to entertain)
    • information about how  to catch a frog (to inform)
    • a letter to a friend convincing him to give his pet frog to you (to persuade)
  • Have students look through magazines and newspapers and identify sections that are meant to persuade the reader.
  • As a class, brainstorm persuasive words that authors use. Have students identify persuasive words in the reading passages on the website by underlining or circling the clue words.
  • Have students keep a reader’s response journal. After they finish reading a book independently or in their reading groups, have them identify the author’s purpose. The students can respond in the following ways:
    • If the author’s purpose was to inform the reader, have them write about what they learned. What did the author do to inform you?
    • If the author’s purpose was to entertain, have them write about how they were entertained. What did the author do to entertain you?
    • If the author’s purpose was to persuade the reader, have them write about whether or not they were persuaded. What did the author do to persuade you?
  • Have students write to inform, entertain, or persuade readers. See sample topics below.

Suggested Writing Topics: To Inform

  • Create rules for a game, class rules, safety rules, health rules, homework rules, or swimming rules
  • Write a list of instructions describing how to make something
  • Explain how to solve a math problem
  • Write about something you learned
  • Explain how to be a good friend

Suggested Writing Topics: To Persuade

  • Offer advice to a classmate or a family member
  • Write a review of a book, movie, theatre performance, sporting event, or TV show
  • Create an ad for a book, convincing readers to read it
  • As a class, write a newspaper. Each student can write an article for a different section of the newspaper.

Suggested Writing Topics: To Entertain

  • Write a scary or funny story; write a poem.

More Books for Teaching Author's Purpose

What Do Authors Do?
26 Fairmount Avenue
The Teacher From the Black Lagoon
The Secret Shortcut
If You Lived in Colonial Times
Diary of a Spider

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