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Character 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Personality Traits Describe a character’s personality based on his/her actions, thoughts, and feelings.
Lesson 2 Predicting Actions Predict a character’s actions based on his/her personality.
Lesson 3 Describing Characters with Rich Language Use descriptive language to describe a character’s personality.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Predict the actions of characters in another fiction book and chart the predictions. As you read the book, have students discuss if their predictions about the characters were correct or incorrect.
  • For struggling readers, use a picture walk to make predictions about the character’s personality and actions.
  • Students can also make predictions about characters that are featured in a series of books. Examples include the Curious George series by H.A. Rey, the Arthur series by Marc Brown, and the Julian series by Ann Cameron. Read aloud several books in a series. Students can make predictions about the character’s actions based on what they know about his or her personality.
  • As you read a book aloud, stop periodically to have students record descriptive words about the characters. After reading the book, have students work with a partner to improve their list of words to make them more interesting.
  • Students can describe the main character’s personality in a book they are reading, incorporating some of the descriptive words from their list.
  • Have students write a description of a main character, including the character’s actions, feelings, thoughts, and personality. Then have the students exchange their descriptions and write a story using another student’s description.
  • Students can start a list of descriptive words and keep it in their journal or writing folder as a reference for writing.

More Books for Teaching Character

Miss Nelson is Missing!
Amazing Grace
Nate the Great
Fox and His Friends
Officer Buckle and Gloria
Diary of a Worm
Frog and Toad are Friends
Arthur's Nose

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