Lessons & Units

Classify and Categorize 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Sorting in More than One Way Classify and categorize similar items in several ways.Explain how similar items were classified and categorized.
Lesson 2 Sorting Characters in More than One Way Classify and categorize fictional characters in several ways based on their character traits.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • When studying a specific author, have students write down all the characters in that author’s stories. Have students sort these characters based on character traits. Students can then re-sort the characters based on a different character trait. (See Additional Activity A Worksheet below in Teacher and Student Materials.)
  • Have students read Classify and Categorize reading passages and answer the corresponding questions (available on website) as a way to practice and/or assess students’ knowledge of Classify and Categorize.
  • Have students read several reading passages and categorize them as fiction or nonfiction.
  • Provide students with two lists of characters from familiar books. Then have students think about each list and how the two groups were categorized. This activity can be repeated by providing students with two piles of familiar books. Students should name the two categories in which the books are arranged.
  • Have students write a story with multiple characters. Students can classify the characters by similar character traits. After students write their stories, have them exchange their writing with a partner. Their partner can then make a list of characters with similar character traits.
  • Have students complete a Classify and Categorizing Scavenger Hunt. Hide various objects in the classroom or have students find objects in the classroom that meet a set criterion. After the hunt, have students sort their objects into two categories, such as square and soft. You can have students use a Venn diagram to record this information. They can also explain how they know each object fits into the category. (See Additional Activity B Worksheet below.)