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Lesson 1: Comparing and Contrasting Fiction and Nonfiction

Lesson Plan

Learning Goal
Compare and contrast the features of fiction and nonfiction.
Approximately 50 minutes
Necessary Materials
Provided: Example Venn diagram for Direct Teaching and Guided Practice, Independent Practice Worksheet
Not Provided: chart paper, markers, fiction and nonfiction books from classroom library
  • Teacher Modeling

    will review the definitions of fiction (author uses his or her imagination to create a story) and nonfiction (author writes a true and factual text) and the purposes of reading each genre. I will use several fiction and nonfiction books from the classroom library to compare and contrast the features of the two genres. I will begin to fill out a Venn diagram with 2–3 examples of how the genres are similar and 2–3 examples of how the genres are different. (Direct Teaching and Guided Practice Example Graphic Organizer is provided in Teacher and Student Materials below.)

  • Think Check

    Ask: How did I compare and contrast fiction books to nonfiction books? Students should respond that you looked at the pictures, text, and text features of fiction books and nonfiction books and identified which characteristics were similar and which were different.

  • Guided Practice

    will work in partners to identify additional similarities and differences between fiction and nonfiction books (provided by the teacher). We will discuss what each set of partners noticed and add 3–5 of these similarities and differences to the Venn diagram.

  • Independent Practice

    will independently choose one fiction and one nonfiction book from the classroom library and complete a Venn diagram (provided), comparing and contrasting the features of the two books. (Student Independent Practice is provided below.) Note: You will need to save the Venn diagram from this lesson for use in Lesson 2.

    TIP: You may want to assign students a fiction and nonfiction book for the Independent Practice instead of having them choose the books. It is important that students are able to read the texts so that they can compare and contrast the details of the texts.

Texts & Materials

Standards Alignment

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