Lessons & Units

Predicting 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Text Clues and Prior Knowledge Use textual clues and prior knowledge to make a prediction.
Lesson 2 Revising Predictions Revise predictions that are incorrect.
Lesson 3 Predicting Beyond the Text Create a prediction beyond the text using evidence from the story.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students make predictions about Huey in the rest of the chapters from The Stories Huey Tells by Ann Cameron, based on information they know about Huey and the information in the text of the stories.
  • Repeat Lesson 1 with stories from The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron. Ask students to make predictions based on information they have learned about Julian from reading about Huey.
  • Using the graphic organizers from Independent Practice Lesson 1, have students write a paragraph explaining their predictions of a story.
  • Have students write a prediction of what happens to famous characters at the end of fairy tales. For example: “What happened after Cinderella married Prince Charming?”
  • Have students share part of a story they wrote with a partner. The partner will then complete the graphic organizer from Independent Practice Lesson 1. The partner should read the rest of the story to see if his or her predictions were correct and then revise predictions accordingly. Students can switch roles and repeat the activity.
  • Make predictions on current events or articles read aloud in class. Discuss what evidence is used to make the prediction.

More Books for Teaching Predicting

Who Sank the Boat?
The Napping House
Doctor DeSoto
I Want a Dog
Pinky and Rex and the Bully