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Setting 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Changing Setting in a Story Identify changes in a setting using textual evidence.
Lesson 2 Implicit Setting Determine the implicit setting of a story using context clues and visualization.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • In read aloud sessions, cover the pictures and have students write down, illustrate, or describe the place or time that they are visualizing.
  • Using independent reading books without pictures, have students identify the setting through context clues and words.
  • Students can use clue words to describe the setting of a book or illustration to a friend. The friend can then identify the setting.
  • Students can read Concepts of Comprehension Reading Passages (fiction) that focus on setting. If there is a photo or a picture included with the passage, cover it. As students read the passage, have them highlight clue words that describe the setting. Then discuss what the setting is by providing evidence from the text.
  • Have students use context clues to determine the implicit setting on the “Figuring out the Setting” worksheet. (See Additional Activity A in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Have students complete the “Describe the Setting” graphic organizer in reading groups or for homework. (See Additional Activity B.)
  • Students should continue to:
  • Identify when a setting changes in a story.
  • Identify implicit settings and the context clues that help them do so.
  • Visualize settings in read aloud sessions and chapter books.
  • Brainstorm a list of interesting words used to describe various settings. Students can keep an ongoing list of descriptive words in a writing journal or folder.
  • Have students draw a setting and then write a story that takes place in that setting. Mix up the stories and the settings and the students can take turns matching the stories to the settings.
  • Students can each write a story and then work with a partner to have the partner guess the setting. The partner should provide evidence for her/his guess. Then each pair can switch roles.
  • Students can create a postcard or write a letter to a friend describing the setting of a favorite place.

More Books for Teaching Setting

Owl Moon
Julian's Glorious Summer
The Golly Sisters Go West
Flat Stanley
Doctor De Soto Goes to Africa
Flying Over Brooklyn

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