Lessons & Units

Classify and Categorize 3rd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Answering a Research Question Categorize information to answer a research question.
Lesson 2 Organizing Information into an Outline Classify and categorize information into an outline form.
Lesson 3 Organizing Research Classify and categorize information to answer a research question.Classify and categorize information into an outline form.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Students can use a graphic organizer to classify and categorize their notes. They can use their graphic organizer to write paragraphs about their research. (See Additional Activity A in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • As students read books connected to science or social studies, have them create an outline of the information they are learning.
  • Use the Classify and Categorize reading passages available on website to reinforce and assess the skill of classifying information. Students can take notes on a particular passage and use their notes to create an outline.
  • Ask students to use the table of contents, index, and glossary when they are conducting research. Discuss how these text features already classify and categorize information.
  • Have students develop their outlines from Lessons 2 and 3 into a research paper. They can write two to three paragraphs answering the research question and present their paragraphs to the class.

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