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Lesson 3: Compare and Contrast Characters

Lesson Plan

Burnt Toast on Davenport Street | 670L

Burnt Toast on Davenport Street
Learning Goal
Compare and contrast two characters in fiction.
Approximately 50 minutes
Necessary Materials
Provided: Direct Teaching/Guided Practice Example Chart, Independent Practice Worksheet
Not Provided: Burnt Toast on Davenport Street by Tim Egan, chart paper, markers fiction books with at least two characters from classroom or school library
  • Teacher Modeling

    will reread the first half of Burnt Toast on Davenport Street by Tim Egan (previously read in the Character unit). I will compare and contrast Arthur and Stella and model my thinking as I identify similarities and differences between the two characters. (Direct Teaching and Guided Practice Example Chart is provided below in Teacher and Student Materials.) For example, the text tells us that Arthur and Stella were both happy dogs so I know that is a similarity they have. I know that Arthur always burns the toast, but the story only says that Stella was used to it. It does not mention that she burns the toast too, so I know that is a difference between Arthur and Stella.

  • Think Check

    Ask: How did I compare and contrast Arthur and Stella? Students should respond that you read the text and identified examples of how Arthur and Stella were different and how they were the same.

  • Guided Practice

    will finish reading Burnt Toast on Davenport Street and charting the similarities and differences between Arthur and Stella. (Direct Teaching and Guided Practice Example Chart is provided below.) We will draw conclusions about similarities and differences that Arthur and Stella have in their personalities. For example, Arthur gets furious at the crocodiles and he doesn’t believe the fly and is rude to him at first. Stella tries to convince Arthur to ignore the crocodiles and tries to appreciate the tropical island as an adventure instead of getting mad at the fly. Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that Arthur has a short temper and Stella is more patient.

  • Independent Practice

    will choose a book that has at least two characters. You will compare and contrast two characters by listing similarities and differences between the two characters. (Student Independent Practice worksheet is provided below.) Note: Students will need to choose a book with at least two characters for the Independent Practice.

    TIP: When choosing books for the Independent Practice, make sure that the books are on your students’ reading level. Leveled Guided Reading books are a good choice. Also, be sure that there are at least two strong characters in the story.

Build Student Vocabulary tormenting

Tier 2 Word: tormenting
Contextualize the word as it is used in the story Every morning Arthur and Stella liked to go for a walk on Davenport Street. They saw five crocodiles hanging around on the corner. The crocodiles “loved nothing more than tormenting the two friendly dogs.”
Explain the meaning student-friendly definition) Tormenting means causing pain, worry, or stress. When the crocodiles tormented Arthur and Stella, they were making and Arthur and Stella feel worried and stressed.
Students repeat the word Say the word tormenting with me: tormenting.
Teacher gives examples of the word in other contexts The bully tormented the young girl by calling her names. I think it is wrong to torment others. I like to be polite to everyone.
Students provide examples What would you do if someone was tormenting you? Start by saying, “If someone was tormenting me, I would ______________________________.”
Students repeat the word again. What word are we talking about? tormenting
Additional Vocabulary Words satisfied, unruly

Build Student Background Knowledge

After reading the story, explain that Arthur probably panicked on the island because an island is a small body of land surrounded by water on all sides. Without a boat or a plane, there is no way to get home. A peninsula, on the other hand, is land surrounded by water on only three sides. Share examples of each, for example, Cuba and Florida. Show students a map of an island and a peninsula.

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