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Genre 3rd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Realistic Fiction Identify the characteristics of realistic fiction.
Lesson 2 Fantasy Identify the characteristics of fantasy.
Lesson 3 Science Fiction Identify the characteristics of science fiction.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Discuss the genre of books in read aloud sessions and literature groups- specifically realistic fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Have students explain how they determine the genre.
  • Have students sort books in the classroom library based on genre and create a list of books for each genre.
  • Have students write book reviews of their favorite books, explaining the genre.
  • Create a fiction and nonfiction bulletin board that students can add to as they read books from each genre. (See Additional Activity A Poster in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Challenge students to write two versions of an event in two different genres; for example, an argument on a basketball court (Realistic Fiction) and an argument on a basketball court on Mars (Science Fiction). Ask students to explain the differences between the two versions. They can use a Venn diagram as a planning tool to compare and contrast the two versions of the event. (See Additional Activity B Worksheet below.)
  • Orally give students a characteristic of a specific genre and ask students to hold up a card listing the genre. (See Additional Activity C below.)
  • Students can identify the genres of current movies in the theater, or you can watch part of a movie in class and students can identify the specific genre.

More Books for Teaching Genre

Aliens for Breakfast
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery
Henry and Ribsy
My Teacher Is an Alien
What's Cooking, Jenny Archer?

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