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Theme 3rd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Identifying the Theme of a Fable Use the plot and main idea of a fable to identify the theme.
Lesson 2 Events that Support a Theme Identify events in the plot that support the theme of a story.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Identify recurring themes in cultures using the following books:
    • Indian Children’s Favorite Stories retold by Rosemarie Somaiah
    • Filipino Children’s Favorite Stories retold by Liana Romulo
    • Favorite Children’s Stories from China and Tibet by Lotta Carswell Hume
    • Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories compiled by Florence Sakade
  • Continue reading fables from Aesop’s Fables aloud. Cover the theme at the bottom of each fable and have students identify the theme, or reveal the theme, but ask students to identify the events and textual details that support that theme.
  • Have students read the Concepts of Comprehension Reading Passages (provided on the website) and identify the theme.
  • Have students write a story and trade it with a partner. Then, have each partner identify the themes of the story. They should underline the text that supports the theme in the story.
  • Write themes on index cards. Divide students into groups of two and three. Turn the cards face down and have students select one each. Then, have them talk with their partners to create a skit or silent charade to illustrate the theme. Have the other students guess the message or theme of the skits.

More Books for Teaching Theme

The Empty Pot
Dear Whiskers
Granddaddy's Gift
Carlos and the Cornfield
The Hundred Penny Box

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Excellent leveled text in the unit reading passages. The idea of going to a focus and finding differentiated materials so quickly, makes my job a bit easier. Thank you for your site.

Got the units printed! Plan to use them this week. Thanks!