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Author's Purpose 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Identifying Author’s Purpose in a Newspaper Identify the author’s purpose in different sections of a newspaper.
Lesson 2 Categorizing Texts According to Author’s Purpose Classify and categorize examples of each of the three purposes: to entertain, to inform, and to persuade.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students read a reading passage provided on the website, identify the author’s purpose, and give examples from the text to support their answers. Then, have students rewrite the passage with a new purpose.
  • Provide students with a controversial topic such as, “Should boys and girls go to school together?” or a topic based on a current event. Have students write an editorial supporting their opinions. Students can share their editorials with classmates or send them into a local newspaper.
  • Have students write an advertisement for a made-up product, persuading the class to use the product.
  • Students can write poems or create comic strips as a way to practice writing for the purpose of entertaining the reader.
  • Show students short clips of movies, sitcoms, cartoons, documentaries, and news broadcasts. Have them identify the purpose of each clip.
  • Have students explore the Internet and give examples of websites they find that have the purpose of entertaining, informing, and persuading.

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