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Cause and Effect 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Signal Words in Expository Text Use signal words (as a result, until, therefore, hence, consequently, for this reason) that show cause-and-effect relationships in expository texts.
Lesson 2 Cause and Effect Relationships in Historical Fiction Identify multiple causes and effects in historical fiction.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Students can add signal words to other expository texts, such as newspaper articles or reading passages.
  • Students can write a myth with several causes and one effect, one cause and several effects, or one cause and one effect. The myth can explain anything students choose, such as why modern-day conveniences were invented, the reason that a historical event happened, or why a species of animals is becoming endangered.
  • Students can write a new cause for the given effect in Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by Verna Aardema or another familiar myth.
  • Identify historical events in historical fiction that cause something to happen in a plot. Discuss how history affects the characters.

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