Lessons & Units

Classify and Categorize 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Creating an Outline from Research Develop research questions.Classify and categorize information to answer a research question.Classify and categorize information into an outline form.
Lesson 2 Using Text Features to Find Information Develop research questions.Classify and categorize information into an outline form.Use the features of nonfiction to identify information relevant to a research question.
Lesson 3 Writing a Research Report Use an outline to create a research report.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Use the Classify and Categorize reading passages available on website to reinforce and assess the skill of classifying information. Students can create research questions based on the nonfiction passages and then use additional books to find the answers to their questions.
  • As students find information in multiple books, have them use a graphic organizer to record where they have found information pertaining to their research question. (See Additional Activity A below in Teacher and Student Materials.)
  • Have students write research reports on topics studied in Science and Social Studies, and ask each student present his or her report to the rest of the class using an outline for explaining and organizing information in the presentation.
  • Pair students with a writing partner. Have students revise and edit the reports written by their partners.
  • Classify and categorize information from other resources, such as magazines or the Internet, to answer their research questions.

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