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Fact and Opinion 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Locating Facts and Opinions in a Newspaper Identify the difference between fact and opinion in newspapers.
Lesson 2 Editorials- Facts that Support Opinions Identify facts that are used to support an opinion in an editorial.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students identify facts and opinions during Read Aloud Sessions, Independent Reading, and Literature Groups.
  • Have students find facts or opinions in other news outlets, such as magazines and television news.
  • Have students identify if Concepts of Comprehension© Reading Passages, newspaper, or magazine articles are fact or opinion-based, and explain how they determined this.
  • Have students identify facts and opinions in specific articles in the newspaper.
  • Have students complete the “Play Review: You Can’t Have my Golden Charms” and identify factual and opinion statements in the article (see Additional Activity A Worksheet below in Teacher and Student Materials).
  • Have students complete the “Fact and Opinion Statements: Movie Review” worksheet and identify factual and opinion-based statements in the article (see Additional Activity B Worksheet below).
  • Have students discuss how different parts of the newspaper use facts or opinions.
  • Have your class put together a class newspaper highlighting activities from that month or year. Students could discuss what type of article they are going to write and if it should be factual or opinion-based.
  • Students can write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper based on social studies, science or Concepts of Comprehension topics.
  • Have students write a review of a book, play, movie, or a sporting event. Then have students exchange their reviews with a partner. Each partner should read the review and identify the facts and opinions in the review.

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