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Figurative Language 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Explaining the Plot and Predicting Using Idioms Use idioms to explain a plot and predict what will happen next in a story.
Lesson 2 Interpretation of Similes and Metaphors Interpret the meaning of poems using similes and metaphors.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • As students read independent chapter books, have them write down any idioms they encounter. Then, have students identify the meaning of the idiom in the text.
  • Have students change metaphors into similes and vice versa in the poems from the lesson.
  • The Random House Book of Poetry for Children can be used to give students extra practice in identifying similes and metaphors in poetry. For example, “The Toaster” on page 217 contains a metaphor. “The Star” on page 33 includes a simile. Have students explain the meaning of each simile and metaphor.
  • Students can create their own idioms, explain their meanings and give examples of situations in which it would be appropriate to use the idioms.
  • Have students use similes and metaphors in creating stories in order to encourage more descriptive language.
  • Students can create their own puns. Have them illustrate the puns and write the real meanings of the words.
  • Throughout the day, try to use as many puns as possible when communicating with the class. Have a contest to see who can identify the puns you are using. Some examples could be:
    • To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
    • I wear glasses during math because it improves division.
    • You’ll never run out of math teachers because they always multiply.
    • Our class globe means the world to me.

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Superb passages! I enjoyed reading the stories and my pupils would love them too! Can't wait to share this to them!

These lessons and activities are fantastic. Thanks so much.

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This website is awesome; I love the layout that allows you to work on specific targeted areas!!!