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Point of View 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 First Person and Third Person Objective, Limited, and Omniscient Points of View Identify and describe first person, third person objective, third person limited, and third person omniscient points of view.
Lesson 2 Changing the Point of View Learn how to change from one point of view to another in writing.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students read Concepts of Comprehension Reading Passages and determine in which point of view each is written.  Students can highlight or circle words that indicate the point of view. 
  • Students can read comic strips and determine the point of view of each.  Have them discuss which words in the strip indicate the point of view.
  • Have students discuss which genres tend to be written in first person (autobiography, memoir, fiction, and personal narrative), third person objective (non-fiction texts such as newspaper articles and fiction texts such as novels), third person limited (non-fiction texts such as biographies), and third person omniscient (fiction texts such as fairy tales).
  • Have students rewrite the paragraphs in Additional Activity A (provided in the Teacher and Student Materials section) in another point of view. Students can also rewrite a familiar fairy tale or a story they previously wrote in another point of view.
  • Discuss the point of view of books read in literature groups, independent reading, or for homework, and complete Additional Activity B. Students can also chart a list of the books they read, classifying them by point of view.
  • Choose an author to study. Does this author tend to write from one point of view or from different points of view? Does the author change points of view within a book? How does this affect the story?
  • Have students complete Additional Activity C as a review or an assessment.
  • Have students write two paragraphs about a birthday party (or another topic).  One paragraph should be in the third person limited and one in the third person omniscient.  Students can then compare and contrast the two paragraphs (Additional Activity D).

More Books for Teaching Point of View

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Talkin' About Bessie
The Whipping Boy
George Washington's Socks

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