Lessons & Units

Predicting 4th Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Cliffhangers Predict events in a story based on a cliffhanger.
Lesson 2 Historical Events Create predictions based on historical events.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Chart information learned about slavery and the Underground Railroad after reading Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson (Lesson 2).  Read the first half of Liberty Street by Candice Ransom aloud and make predictions about the book, based on what the class has learned about slavery.
  • If reading a series of books, such as the American Girls series, have students make a prediction about what will happen to the characters in the next volume of the series. They can use their predictions to write a story about the characters, based on events in previous stories they have read.
  • Use historical facts to make predictions about fiction books.  For example, when studying the Civil War, read Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco aloud and make generalizations about the time period before predicting what will happen in the story.
  • Read news articles and have students make predictions about what will happen in ongoing current events.

More Books for Teaching Predicting

Miss Rumphius
In My Own Backyard
The House on Mango Street
Grace's Letter to Lincoln
Meet Felicity: An American Girl: 1774