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Author's Purpose 5th Grade Unit

Author's Purpose lessons can be found in the following fifth grade novel units:
Leaf by Leaf:  Autumn Poems
Words with Wings:  A Treasury of African American Poetry and Art

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Amazing site!

Fantastic information

Very good information to cover common core standards for fifth grade in Reading/Language Arts

Thanks so much for the great resources!!

There is something that suits each one of my students ! Students who waited for the class time to be over, are now participating very enthusiastically in the discussions on the questions.
Thank you so much.

I love this site, it really helps me a lot.

It's a time saver. Love it

I love the posters provided with the unit. They are very good visual reminders for the students as they read and evaluate any type of text.

Absolutely love, lines up nicely with Common Core! Thank you very much!!!

This website is amazing. I gave my students an assessment and found that they were continuing to struggle with cause and effect relationships. I pulled this site up while they were at specials and found a passage that we were able to work on as soon as they returned.
I love how user friendly the site is and the plethora of resources available.

Thank you a million times over for these already created passages that help us so much in the "trenches"

I find this site extremely helpful when teaching reading strategies. Plus, the passages are tremendously engaging.
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This site gives so many great ideas, activities and reading passages. All of these are aligned with The Common Core so it makes my life SO much easier.

I'm in love with this website. Wonderful resources for Common Core skills.

Helpful ideas!