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Cause and Effect 6th Grade Unit

Cause and Effect lessons can be found in the following sixth grade novel units:
Home of the Brave
Keeping the Night Watch and Chess Rumble

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Topics are awesome and students love the online reading. It is important that we prepare pre-reading activities.

Where are the answer sheets to these passages?

You can find the answer keys by searching for those specific passages on our site: www.readworks.org/books/passages

Really Helpful to the learners.

I did a passage with my students this am, and the students loved it. The set up you have falls right in line with our lesson plan and the RTI structure. This is the Best I have seen. My students engaged really well. then the handouts are so precise. Thanks so much!

I love this work!

Great help in my daily lessons!

Topics keep students engaged.

The selected readings are age appropriate and provide questions that pertain to the skill I am teaching.