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Figurative Language 6th Grade Unit

Figurative Language lessons can be found in the following sixth grade novel units:
Home of the Brave
Keeping the Night Watch and Chess Rumble

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This is a great website for my ESL students for teaching English, social studies, history and geography. I use the resources extensively!

Feeling blessed to have encountered this great website

I just found the site and fell in love with it immediately! I will be able to use it for my ELL students. Various grade levels will allow me to teach the same concept for students at different levels of English acquisition. Great!

This is the best teacher-friendly teaching resource website available to date. I like it very much and have recommended colleagues to join.

I use this website all the time and frequently find other resources I wish were here too. Once I found is another great book for figurative language. The beauty of it is that it is perfect for both LA instruction and science or social studies content area instruction. The Day The Sun Fell by Sharon Crain (Tate Publishing).

One of my colleagues shared this site with me last month. I absolutely love it!! I have since shared it with my sister and another reading teacher. They both love it as well!! This site is exactly what my students need! I use many of the lesson and the reading passages are simply great! Thanks soooo much for this wonderful resource!!

This is a great site!

Great site to pull resources for my special need students. Since there are various grade levels with the same concepts.

I am so glad I stumbled across this site. I have shared it with every reading teacher in my building.

I like the ease with which I am able to reinforce a concept at any Lexile level. The passages are just the right length for a reading group. Thanks

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I teach Special Education and this looks like a great website to help teach different concepts to my students. Thanks