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Genre lessons can be found in all of the sixth grade novel units.
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I am very grateful for all the work you have done and put onto this site!! The nonfiction text has text features, great vocabulary, and is at interest level for my sixth graders. The only problem is the level of questions asked is very basic and do not really align with common core. The questions need to delve deeper into the text.
Hi Mrs. T. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. The passages on this unit page are focused on genre, and therefore can be useful for remediation with students who are having a difficult time understanding different genres. I would like to point you to more information about our new question sets. We created these text-based question sets based on reading comprehension research with the intention of guiding students to support conclusions and answers with evidence, examine the organization of the text, and determine the use of author's craft or meaning of vocabulary in the passage. In addition, we sequence questions to scaffold student understanding of the important information and main idea of the passage. Visit this page to view more information: http://www.readworks.org/books/about-question-sets
this site is really good :) .......... it really helps me with my literacy skills
Super site! I like that you don't have to hunt for answer keys!!
I love the Common Core alignment with the lack of materials to implement the standards it has been difficult, this makes it so much easier! Thank you!
Where has this site been all my life!? Lol this site is exactly what I have been looking for and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful!! Thank you!!!
This the best site for reading and language arts teachers.
This site is what the teachers need. It makes my work very easy. Thank you so much.
This site organizes a daunting task! Thank you...
This site looks great!

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