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Pronoun Reference Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Unit


Lesson 1 Pronouns and Nouns Identify pronouns and the nouns that they refer to.
Lesson 2 Substituting Nouns Substitute pronouns for nouns.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students identify pronouns in guided reading and independent reading books (if applicable). They can keep an ongoing list of pronouns and the nouns they replace in a reading journal.
  • Have students identify the pronouns and the nouns they replace by completing “Pronouns II or III: Who or What is the Pronoun Talking About?” (See Additional Activities A and B in Teacher and Student Materials below).
  • Have students identify the pronouns in “Pronoun Check” (See Additional Activity C in Teacher and Student Materials below).
  • Students can determine which pronoun makes sense based on the noun it refers to in “Which Pronoun Matches the Noun?” (See Additional Activity D in Teacher and Student Materials below). The teacher’s answer guide is also included.
  • Have students read the paragraphs in Additional Activities E and F and identify any incorrect pronouns. Have students explain why the pronoun is incorrect and write the correct pronoun.
  • Have students write two sentences. One with persons, places, things, or objects. The second sentence with pronouns that replace those nouns.
  • During shared writing, rewrite the same sentence several times with different pronouns (I went to the beach; he went to the beach; we went to the beach) and discuss how the meaning changes with each pronoun.
  • Make a class pronoun book. Have students write and illustrate sentences that uses different pronouns.
  • Have students review pieces of their own writing and circle overused nouns. Then, have them replace the nouns with pronouns.
  • Have students highlight pronouns in Concept of Comprehension Reading Passages (Grade 2) or in newspaper articles (Grades K-1). You can place the article on a transparency so all students can see it and do the activity together.

More Books for Teaching Pronoun Reference

Where the Wild Things Are
Ira Sleeps Over
Harry the Dirty Dog
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia
A Weekend with Wendell
The Snowy Day
When Sophie Gets Angry---Really, Really Angry

User Comments

Very helpful

The Lesson is Pronouns and Nouns and the book is Are You My Mother. I was too excited when I saw that I could get started immediately using a book that she already loves!