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Author's Purpose Kindergarten and 1st Grade Unit

Currently, there are no Author's Purpose lessons for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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I use the second grade units with my first graders without any modifications. They grasped the skills and enjoyed the lessons. Remember, no one rises to low expectations!! Love this site and have been a fan since its conception.
I loved this site last year when I taught third grade. Now I'm in first grade and not everything I teach is on this site. I'm looking for Author's Purpose for First grade.
Well I have to teach it in first grade. Love this sight1
We are also teaching Author's Purpose in 1st grade...so units on this would be helpful..
There are no lessons for author's purpose for K and 1 because of it's complex concept for five year olds. It's too abstract for this age. The CCSS are much flawed and developmentally inappropriate.
We teach author's purpose too in the 1st grade.
We are teaching Author's Purpose in Kindergarten, it would be wonderful if there were tools for the K age on this site!
We teach this concept in Kindergarten as well.
I agree. The site is awesome, however we do have to teach author's purpose and author's viewpoint as part of the Common Core standards. It would be nice to have some lessons dedicated to 1st grade.
Well we have to teach it and test it in First Grade
Thank you.
I had a wonderful experience with this site last year, teaching 3rd grade. I hope it is as useful for 1st graders.
This sight has all you need to teach! Thank you
thank you
Heard great things about this website and wanted to view.

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