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Author's Purpose Kindergarten and 1st Grade Unit

Currently, there are no Author's Purpose lessons for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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You can use the 2nd grade lesson plans for your whole group time. Simply pull kindergarten or first grade books for i independent practice or to use in guided reading.

We are teaching author's purpose in first grade. Units on this would be fabulous!

If you have a message to say, to write, or to draw you are old enough to know audience and purpose.

I use the second grade units with my first graders without any modifications. They grasped the skills and enjoyed the lessons. Remember, no one rises to low expectations!!
Love this site and have been a fan since its conception.

Well I have to teach it in first grade. Love this sight1

We are also teaching Author's Purpose in 1st grade...so units on this would be helpful..

We are teaching Author's Purpose in Kindergarten, it would be wonderful if there were tools for the K age on this site!