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Compare and Contrast Kindergarten Unit


Lesson 1 Identifying What is the Same Identify the similarities between two pictures when comparing them.
Lesson 2 Identifying What is Different Identify the differences between two objects when contrasting them.
Lesson 3 Similarities and Differences in a Text Identify the similarities and differences in a book.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Have students look at pictures and discuss what is the same and what is different in the books: My Big Animal Book by Richard Priddy; My Big Truck Book by Richard Priddy; My Big Train Book by Richard Priddy; and My Big World Book by Richard Priddy.
  • Have students cut out shapes, decide which cut-outs are the same shape, and group these shapes together. (See Additional Activity A Worksheet in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • As you read new stories aloud, compare and contrast the physical attributes of the characters. (See Additional Activity B Worksheet in Teacher and Student Materials below.) Have students draw and explain how the characters are similar and different. You may want to use several books that have similar characters. For instance, read aloud stories that have bears such as: Jessie Bear What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom; the Paddington Bear series by Michael Bond; the Corduroy series by Don Freeman; the Winnie the Pooh series by A. A. Milne; and the Berenstain Bears series by Jan and Stan Berenstain
  • Have students draw a picture of themselves and a character from a book. Then they can explain how the pictures are similar or different. (See Additional Activity C Worksheet in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Pair students with a partner and have each student draw a picture. Then have students trade their pictures. Have students write a sentence explaining how the pictures are similar and different.
  • Have students bring in pictures of their families and identify the similarities and differences of their relatives in the pictures.

More Books for Teaching Compare and Contrast

All About Cats and Kittens
A Day with Firefighters
Abraham Lincoln

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