Lessons & Units :: Drawing Conclusions Kindergarten Unit

Lesson 1: Actions

Lesson Plan

Learning Goal
Draw a conclusion from a given action.
Approximately 50 minutes
Necessary Materials
Provided: Independent Practice Worksheet
Not Provided: Chart paper, markers (optional)
  • Teacher Modeling

    will introduce a new game called Charades. I will explain that to play the game, we have to watch for clues that tell us what action the actor is performing. I will give an example of swimming and act out what it looks like to swim. I will explain that you know that I am swimming because I am moving my arms like a swimmer and holding my breath. I will explain that students will try to guess what I am acting out. I will act out another action and model identifying the action for students.

  • Think Check

    Ask: "How were you able to tell what I was acting out?" Students should respond that they had to pay attention to your body movements and facial expressions in order to figure out what you were doing.

  • Guided Practice

    will play charades as a class by acting out different actions and allowing the rest of the class to guess what we are doing. We will present five to ten different actions and explain how we know what the actions are.

    TIP: Include a discussion about why it is important to interpret/draw conclusions about a person’s actions/body language. For example, if you see your friend holding her stomach and make a sad or upset face, you might guess that your friend has a stomachache. If your friend has a stomachache, you wouldn’t offer her a bite of your sandwich.

  • Independent Practice

    will act out an action to a partner while your partner identifies the action by drawing a picture of and labeling the action you are performing. You will then switch roles. (Independent Practice Worksheet is provided.) Note: You may need to give students ideas of actions to perform it they cannot think of actions on their own. You can also brainstorm a list of actions as a class. Write the list on the board or on chart paper.

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