Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Biography Kindergarten Unit


Lesson 1 Real People Explain that biographies are stories that give information about real people.Identify information about real people in a biography.
Lesson 2 Important Person Explain that biographies are stories about important real people.Explain why a person in a biography is famous or important.
Lesson 3 Tells a Story Explain that a biography tells a story.Describe the story of a person’s life from a biography.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Using other biographies, students should be expected to identify the facts they are learning about the real person, identify how the person is an important, famous, or historical figure, and to retell the story of the person’s life.
  • Read several books about real people and fictional characters and discuss how readers can tell the difference between a real or make believe story about a person.
  • Create a center with pictures of events from a person’s life and have students put them in sequence.
  • Students can write biographies about another student in the class or someone in their family.
  • Make a class biography big book that explains all of the historical figures you read about and why they are important. The information can be typed, and students can illustrate or add information to the page.