Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Fairy Tales Kindergarten Unit


Lesson 1 Beginning and End Explain the beginnings and endings that are characteristics of Fairy Tales.Identify “Once Upon a Time” and “Happy Endings” in a Fairy Tale.
Lesson 2 Good and Evil Characters Explain that Fairy Tales have good and evil characters.Identify good and evil characters in a Fairy Tale.
Lesson 3 Fantasy Details Explain that Fairy Tales have fantasy details.Identify fantasy details in a Fairy Tale.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Using other fairy tales, practice the skills taught in the unit by having students identify the common beginning and ending, the good and evil characters, and the fantasy or make believe aspects.
  • If setting has been introduced, students can illustrate the setting of a favorite fairy tale.
  • Students can act out familiar fairy tales with puppets.
  • Students can discuss what characteristics are common among good or evil characters in fairy tales.
  • Read different versions of the same fairy tale and compare the beginning and ending, good and evil characters, or the fantasy aspects.
  • Show the movie version of a familiar fairy tale and compare the two versions.
  • Students can sort pictures or names of characters in several fairy tales into good and evil categories.
  • Students can write about which fairy tale character is their favorite and whether they are good or evil.
  • Students can write a letter to a fairy tale character about their actions in the story.