Lessons & Units

Genre Studies: Informational Texts Kindergarten Unit


Lesson 1 New Information Identify facts learned from an informational book.Explain that informational books teach you information.
Lesson 2 Pictures and Photographs Identify facts learned from a photograph or picture.Explain that photographs or pictures teach you information.
Lesson 3 Labeled Diagrams Identify facts learned from a labeled diagram.Explain that labeled diagrams teach you information.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Using other informational books students should be expected to identify the new information they are learning, identify what they are learning from the real pictures or photographs, and identify what they are learning from labeled diagrams.
  • Compare and contrast a fiction and a nonfiction book on the same subject and ask students to identify which one is the informational book.
  • Classify and categorize information learned based on specific criteria (what an animal eats, where it lives, size).
  • Photocopy pictures from informational books and have students match the pictures to the informational book where that picture would be located.
  • Students could write informational sentences about themselves to teach the class who is in their family, pets they have, and things they like to do.
  • Make a class informational big book that teaches facts about the school or class.  You can type each fact, glue it to a page, and have different students illustrate each page.