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Main Idea Kindergarten Unit


Lesson 1 What the Book is Mainly About Identify and describe what a book is mainly about using the title, text, and pictures.
Lesson 2 Using Pictures to Support the Main Idea Identify pictures that describe what the book is mainly about.
Lesson 3 Using Details to Create a Title Create a title for a book using textual details.

Unit Extension Ideas

  • Copy pictures from books read aloud in class. Have students identify the main idea and create titles for them.
  • Discuss titles of fiction books and how these titles reflect what the books are mainly about.
  • Have students create a new title for a story based on what it is mostly about.
  • Provide students with titles of familiar books and copies of pictures from the books. Students can match the pictures to the titles and explain what the book is mostly about.
  • Cover the title of a book. After reading the book aloud, work with students to complete a graphic organizer. Chart details and use them to determine a title for the story. (See Additional Activity A in Teacher and Student Materials below.)
  • Before a read aloud, cover the title and do a picture walk. As you do the picture walk, brainstorm a list of words to describe what the book is about. Use this list to create a title for the book.
  • In Shared Writing, provide students with a title and have the students create a story based on the main idea of the book.
  • Make a class Main Idea Big Book. Students may illustrate and describe what their favorite books are mostly about.
  • Tell students a story and have them create a title for your story or draw a picture that shows the main idea.
  • Cover the title of a poem and read it aloud. Create a title for the poem based on what it is mainly about.
  • Use wordless books such as The Snowman by Raymond Briggs or Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola to create a title for a book. Cover the title and do a picture walk. Write down important details in the story and create a title for it.

More Books for Teaching Main Idea

Butterflies: Scholastic First Discoveries
Bread Bread Bread
The Pumpkin Book
A Day with Firefighters
The Statue of Liberty
The American Flag

User Comments

Love the organization of the lesson. I'm an intervention teacher. I do not have a class, but work with other students from k-3. I would like to introduce them in using graphic organizer when teaching reading..

I like the organization you provide with three sequential lessons.This also helps the student to grasp the skills more easily. I have been using these lessons with confidence.