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Lesson 2: Using Pictures to Support the Main Idea

Lesson Plan

Amazing Tigers!

Amazing Tigers!
Learning Goal
Identify pictures that describe what the book is mainly about.
Approximately 50 minutes
Necessary Materials
Provided: Direct Teaching Pictures, Independent Practice Pictures, Independent Practice Worksheet
Not Provided: Amazing Tigers!, Farm Animals (DK Publishing), Amazing Whales! by Sarah L. Thomson, scissors, glue
  • Teacher Modeling

    will review how the title helps us determine what the book is mainly about. I will review that most of the pictures and text in Amazing Tigers! by Sarah L. Thomson were about tigers, which was also in the title. I will show the cover of Farm Animals (DK Publishing), thinking aloud about what this book is going to be mainly about. I will show the pictures (provided) of animals and model how to determine whether that animal will be in the book. I will model this with the pig, chicken, and elephant.

    TIP: You may need to provide background information on farm animals if your students are not familiar with farms.

  • Think Check

    Ask: "How did I decide what pictures should be in the book, Farm Animals?" Students should respond that you looked at the title of the book and the pictures in the book and thought about what the book is mostly about. Then you looked at the three pictures and thought about which picture would fit with that book.

  • Guided Practice

    will determine whether the cow, tiger, and lion will be in the book, based on the title. We will read the book and confirm which animals are in the book and what the book is mainly about. We will discuss how the title helps us determine what the book is mainly about and which animals will be in the book.

    TIP: For the Direct Teaching and Guided Practice, you may want to use a T-chart to visually display the information you are discussing. Use the title to place the pictures that you think will be in the book in one column and those that won’t in the other column.

  • Independent Practice

    will look at the title of Amazing Whales! by Sarah L. Thomson and think about what this book is mainly about. You will determine which pictures (provided) will be in the book, based on the title. You will cut out the pictures and glue the correct ones onto the Independent Practice Worksheet (provided) and identify what you think this book will be mainly about.

Build Student Vocabulary fluffy

Tier 2 Word: fluffy
Contextualize the word as it is used in the story “Here are the ducks with their fluffy ducklings.”
Explain the meaning student-friendly definition) Fluffy means soft and light. The duckling’s feathers feel fluffy, or soft.
Students repeat the word Say the word fluffy with me: fluffy.
Teacher gives examples of the word in other contexts A kitten’s fur is fluffy. If you touch a kitten’s fur, it will feel soft. My blanket made of cotton is very fluffy.
Students provide examples What is something that feels fluffy? Start by saying, “Something that feels fluffy is _____________________.”
Students repeat the word again. What word are we talking about? fluffy
Additional Vocabulary Words mane, curled

Build Student Background Knowledge

Pause at page 16 in your picture walk. Explain to students that a lamb is a baby sheep. Wool is shaved off of sheep and lambs to make winter coats, socks, and blankets for humans.

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