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Owl Moon Kindergarten Unit

Owl Moon


Read-Aloud Lesson Owl Moon Analyze the book’s descriptive language and sensory imagery in order to identify connections between the author’s language and story elements such as setting and character.
Paired Text Questions "City Life and Country Life" and Owl Moon Integrate information from the non-fiction passage “City Life and Country Life” and the book Owl Moon to make an inference about the setting of a story.

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This is Beatiful Thank so much!!

I love this website! It is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much!

I love this website. It is one of my top 3 that I go to for inspiration and assistance.

Your articles are AWESOME and timely. Thank you for making my life easier. Its nice to find tiered text for guided reading. Keep them coming!!!!!

This book is even great for intermediate grades. There is a great deal of inferencing and can tie in with another Caldecott..Snowflake Bentley.