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The Snowy Day Kindergarten Unit

The Snowy Day


Read-Aloud Lesson The Snowy Day Identify and recall at least two ways in which the main character enjoys snow, and use information from the text and illustrations to infer information about snow.
Paired Text Questions "Snow Science" & The Snowy Day Integrate information from the non-fiction passage "Snow Science!" and the story The Snowy Day to determine the conditions necessary for the existence and use of snow.

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love this story have been using it with preschoolers for years, excited to carryover to kindergarten

I teach multi level special education students and I find the ReadWorks.com articles very convenient to and they are interesting, too for my students. They like the short topics that are presented. Thanks for the nice articles.

I love this lesson. Its so appropriate for the season and I finish it off by having the children make their own snowflakes!!

Great high-interest resources.


Thank you for your kindness. The resources that I use from this website can be used for my student. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the wonderful resources and keeping us updated!

Great lesson that our first graders enjoyed very much.