Literary Reading Comprehension Passages



"The Winning Shot"
Lexile: 230

"A Busy Bird"
Lexile: 140

"A Cool Pool"
Lexile: 110

"I Need Quiet!"
Lexile: 80

"The Treasure Map"
Lexile: 310


1st Grade

"What Plants Need"
Lexile: 500

"A Class of Twins"
Lexile: 390

"Maria Makes a Snake"
Lexile: 380

"The New Kid"
Lexile: 150

"The Project"
Lexile: 390

2nd Grade

"The Paper Airplane Contest"
Lexile: 680

"The Grey Sheep"
Lexile: 600

"Tea with Grandma"
Lexile: 600

"A Lion in the Bedroom"
Lexile: 570

"Clara and Phillip the Turtle"
Lexile: 760


3rd Grade

Lexile: 630

"A Courtroom in the Classroom"
Lexile: 880

"A School Trip to the Aquarium"
Lexile: 720

"The Curious Situation of Foxes"
Lexile: 570

"Amra and the Skateboard"
Lexile: 820


4th Grade

"Field Trip"
Lexile: 970

"Lost on Ellis Island"
Lexile: 790 

"Say Hello to the Giant Gorilla"
Lexile: 400

"Shawn the Speedy Snail"
Lexile: 960

"The Bird"
Lexile: 810

"The Magic Glasses"
Lexile: 750


5th Grade

"Adventure on a Hot Air Balloon"
Lexile: 950

"I Break Stuff for a Living"
Lexile: 1015

"Weekend at Sawyer Farm"
Lexile: 800

"Grandma's House"
Lexile: 700


6th Grade

"The Go-Kart"
Lexile: 1020

"All The Pieces Matter"
Lexile: 640

"The Tree House"
Lexile: 850

"Stalled Out"
Lexile: 980


7th Grade

"Mission to Mars"
Lexile: 1055

"The Run"
Lexile: 710

"Sandwich Money"
Lexile: 1010

Lexile: 1070

"Dream Job"
Lexile: 880

8th Grade

"A Crooked Election" 
Lexile: 780

"The Other Side of the Magic Shop"
Lexile: 490

"I'm Not Eating That"
Lexile:  890

"Tag! You're Hit!"
Lexile: 1110

"What Mitosis Has To Do With Families"
Lexile: 1160