New K-5 Reading Comprehension Passages


"My School"
Lexile: 320

"Me and My Shadow"
Lexile: 140

"Lily Makes Lemonade"
Lexile: 380

"Juan Wants to Build" 
Lexile: 420

"Jon Follows School Rules"
Lexile: 180

"Jack's Lost Kite"
Lexile: BR

"Helping a Friend"
Lexile: 30

"Watch the Tennis Ball"
Lexile: 270


1st Grade

Lexile: 210

"Firefighters Are Helpers"
Lexile: 400

"My Whiskers"
Lexile: 280

"Seven Large Lands"
Lexile: 660

"Meet a Rattlesnake"
Lexile: 430

"Margo's Idea"
Lexile: 500

"Why Do We Need Rules"
Lexile: 300


2nd Grade

Lexile: 850

"Barn Sour"
Lexile: 240

"The Wishing Tree"
Lexile: 270

"Mommy's Gonna Love It"
Lexile: 500

"A Pink Sheep"
Lexile: 410

3rd Grade

"John Wesley Powell Maps the Grand Canyon"
Lexile: 780

"The Old Stone House"
Lexile: 770

"History of Halloween"
Lexile: 920

"Morning Sunshine"
Lexile: 720


4th Grade

"Bats Galore!"
Lexile: 1170

"Penguins: Up Close and Personal"
Lexile: 1070

"How Dorothea Lange and John Steinbeck Captured California"
Lexile: 1050

"Slow and Steady"
Lexile: 1040

"Panning History"
Lexile: 1040

"Shasta Dam"
Lexile: 1000

"How Glaciers Change the World"
Lexile: 930

"Backseat Driver"
Lexile: 670


5th Grade

"Civil Rights on a City Bus"
Lexile: 1090

"The Pueblo Revolt"
Lexile: 1020

Lexile: 1140

"John Brown's Antislavery Raid"
Lexile: 1130

"Sticky Fingers, Helping Hands"
Lexile: 1220